“The G4 team is one of most professional organizations we’ve ever worked with. They are service-oriented, responsive and see both the strategic and tactical needs of our event. And the bottom line is that in the space of less than 12 months, they helped us double the size and scope of our event. Seven years later we are still working together. We could not have done it without them.” – Lisa Frank Young Survival Coalition President and Board of Director

“I have worked with the founders of g4 Productions for years and each of them are among the best in the business at what they do. From event management to promotions to sponsorship activation, they have a proven track record at developing and executing successful programs and events that meet the needs of the organizers, and sponsors.” – Dan D’Armond, Director Community & Government Relations, BMC Software

“As a member of the organizing committee for the Philly Cycling Classic, I had the pleasure of working with g4. Watching them in action was amazing. They managed to put together a top-level, professional event in less than 100 days – an event that would normally take a year to produce. If I was ever working on a project with an impossible deadline, I’d call G4.” – Karen Bliss, VP of Marketing, Advanced Sports/Fuji Bikes

“I have worked with the principals of g4 for almost 15 years. They produce events on time, in budget and always meet the sponsors objectives.” – Jay Coleman, Brand and Advertising Program Manager, Wells Fargo Financial Services-Enterprise Marketing

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with the principal partners of g4 productions for many years.  They always bring an incredible amount of experience, professionalism and work till it is done and done right attitude. They know how to manage world class events and make it look easy.” -Micah Rice, VP of National Events – USA Cycling

“I have a 25 year history with the members of the g4 force team working on events, sponsorship management and logistics. This group is loaded with specialists that can tap deep resources to tackle significant promotions. Their work on everything from Olympics to cross‐country charity rides to the biggest cycling events in America is a testament to their capabilities and that is their calling card…successful promotions.” ‐ Michael Aisner, Race Organizer, Announcer, Marketing, Consultant and TV Documentarian, Boulder, Colorado