Alice Armstrong

A founding partner of g4 Productions, LLC, Alice’s background is in corporate hospitality, catering and event planning.

alice_armstrongDuring her 20+ years in the event production industry she has served as the Event Director for the Barclay’s San Francisco Grand Prix, the BMC Software Series, the T-Mobile International, The New York City Cycling Championship, the Wachovia Cycling Series and the First Union Cycling Series.

Alice’s greatest strength is her logistical and operational skill and experience – including all aspects of event production ranging from City and State permitting, relationship building with State agencies and complete oversight of complex housing arrangements and meal planning (i.e. Atlanta Olympic Games) and was an integral part of the Philadelphia Marathon in her role as Course Manager.

Alice has produced events held in major U.S. markets including San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Washington, DC.

In her free time, Alice enjoys riding and training her horse.